Should I Remove Opossums Myself or Hire a Pro?

Cat-sized opossums love to live in wooded area as well as roof cavities. Opossums are territorial; therefore removing one will not be the solution to the problem because a new possum will shortly enter into the vacant territory. Possums wreak havoc on your garden and attic. They can easily destroy the house. It can attack the trash can in search of food. In suburban areas and cities, an attic, chimney, wall void and crawlspace may serve the opossums as a comfy substitute for a hollow. Experts at United Wildlife Control are to be called for the safe and humane removal of opossum. There are mainly two options to remove an opossum from your house: DIY (Do It Yourself) Calling a professional

Do It Yourself Technique:
If the possum is posing no immediate threat to safety and health, then you should wait until the mother and her young ones (if any) leave the place on their own. Afterward the entry points must be sealed very carefully in order to avoid the next attack of the wild creature. If you want to take care of removing the animal yourself, then you should follow the instructions below:

First, sprinkle flour on the floor to examine the footprints of the animal. By doing this you will be able to confirm the existence of an opossum. Locate the actual nesting place of the opossum and encourage it to leave itself. You may provide the animal with a new residence and encourage it to move while offering fresh fruits, nuts etc., in the new location. You can try all the methods to repel opossum one by one, like sprinkling ammonia, commercial opossum repellents, putting garlic or mothballs etc., on the other hand, you can also use motion- activated devices to discourage the opossum’s entrance. The best time to locate and move and opossum is night time as they are very active at night. Moreover, they also come out of their dens in search of food at night, so it is much easier to oust them and seal the entry points. You may also need license to catch an opossum as it is illegal to trap an opossum without the proper license.

Call A Professional:
If someone is unable to carry out all the above instructions, the other most appropriate technique is to simply call an expert. You may hire the services of a professional opossum trapper for a fee. These experts are licensed by the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH). Moreover they have the proper tool kit and the specific germ-proof suit for this job. They also better understand how to remove an animal alive or dead.

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