Will a Pest Control Company Remove Opossum?

If you have an opossum issue, then they need to be trapped and then removed. In many cases, you will notice that the pest control companies only deal with small invertebrates and insects, but do not handle the larger animals like mammals and reptiles. An opossum is a mammal and the best way to stop damage from the animal is to catch it within a cage and then have it relocated. Do not use poisons for opossum control as it is inhumane, illegal, and it isn’t effective. When you have an opossum issue, don’t go looking for exterminators or pest control. The best thing you can do is to visit wildlife control or the animal removal section as you will access professional help and the opossum issue will be dealt with once and for all. There are many professional and specialized animal trappers that can assist in such a case.

Opossums in Your Home
People always freak out when they spot an animal within their home, especially if it is a wild one. This also happens with opossum. Usually, the opossum means no harm as they are usually looking for a home that is cozy and safe, and a place warm enough to care for the babies. Many people have a lot of misconceptions when it comes to opossums—especially when they are in homes. There is a disease threat and this is a main thing people should be worried about. The animal also has a scary look but do not be too quick to judge. This animal isn’t likely to attack you or any members of the household. Instead of fighting, it may run or play possum. The opossum isn’t a vicious creature by nature. Diseases are something to worry about and most especially with the wild animals. However, with the opossum, you need not worry about rabies. This is because of the very low body temperature of the animal, which means that the virus has no way of surviving. The diseases that can be caused by the opossum come as a result of a fecal and urine contamination.

Finding the Right Way to Deal with Opossum Removal
As stated earlier, a pest control company may not be able to help much with opossum removal. However, there are many professional wildlife control companies that can help you achieve this in the most humane way possible. While it is a fact that opossum can be a real nuisance, it beats all logic to try removing them by use of poisons and such. The best control companies will never resort to chemicals, and usually will recommend the use of cages and relocation of the opossum rather than killing them. The animal services that you can expect from such companies include trapping, capture and then removal. The companies can also aid in the repair of damage that has been caused.

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