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What are Some Ways to Kill an Opossum in the Yard?

Opossums have continued to create a ruckus and untidiness in gardens and back yards where they also took garbage cans or roam around your very precious or fruit-bearing plants and sometimes attack your pet's food or the living place. Protecting your gardens from daily visitors may be a very difficult task as they are nocturnal which means they may be hard to find. With the help of these awesome ways you can easily get rid of the opossums in your yard or gardens.

Opossum Repellents:
Repellents are one common way to get rid of the opossums in the yard but not permanently. Before using these repellents first find out the answer to the opossums location of the opossums. They may be found by tripped garbage cans or your pet's attacked food or eaten plants. Opossums are mostly found near steps, or low platforms, or near old tress and burrows as they live in woodland areas, or they can make space near your wasted food. To use the repellents, read the instructions carefully and before use make sure to cover all food items such as pet food or fruits, etc.

Odorous Things
Strong scented items would help to rid opossums from your yards and gardens. Most preferably used are ammonia, garlic or moth balls. Place a little bit of ammonia in a jar or a coffee can enclose a lid. Add a rag to the ammonia and place one end up and cut a small hole for the scent to diffuse. Place these where you often spot opossum gatherings or attacks. Spread mothballs all over the place in order to leave a strong smell or even crushed garlic may help. These things help you keep opossums away from eatables.

Sprinklers or Light Exhibiting Via Motion:
Now that technology has advanced take a little help from it. Besides using strong smelling foods, use a motion activated sprinkler or right. Attach it to your house walls and see how it detects the opossums and sprinkle water to scare it way from your pet's food or fruit trees. The light may only work on small opossums, but the sprinklers will do the trick.

Traps are a common way to get rid of opossums but not the best as some are banned in cities (the killing ones), or those which are permitted may require a license. Keep traps in places where you often spot them or better yet, keep them on soft ground or plywood so when they dig to escape, they cannot, but their claws stay safe. Place opossum baits such as fruits, veggies, berry and other stuff inside the trap and some outside, like a path so that the opossums can be caught easily. Place any play toy or moving object inside the trap to keep the animal occupied when relocating or to distract it from escaping. Go back to the How to get rid of opossums home page.

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