A young armadillo caught by hand.

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Caught An Armadillo With My Bare Hands - Among the many animals that I have used my hands to catch was the armadillo you see in this picture. I was called on this property by the owners because they had seen some armadillo burrows and wanted to get rid of the armadillo before it damaged their property any further. I was going to get on with my usual routine of setting up a trap to get hold of this armadillo, but before I could do that, I saw it walking down its path right out of a burrow. Since it was a small armadillo, I knew I could take my chances and just after a little bit of chasing, I was able to catch it.

Catching an armadillo by hand is only possible if you have a small armadillo to catch, since it is comparatively lighter in weight and has a soft shell that makes it easier to handle. Adult armadillos have a harder shell and are quite heavy, which is why you have to use traps to catch them. Catching the armadillo was one part of the job. The other part was to release it in a place where it could survive easily such as a marshland or swampy area, which is considered to be natural habitat for armadillos.

The only thing I have to be careful about when handling an armadillo and carrying it to the habitat is to bring my truck and place the armadillo cage in the backside. The reason is that when an armadillo is upset or nervous, it usually emits a very sharp smell.

Now the fact that I have described my experience of armadillo removal does not mean that anyone can do it just by reading and following what I did. If you ever have an armadillo situation, make sure that you get a professional wildlife removal expert and not get down to the job yourself.