Pigeons caught in a bird trap.

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This Is How I Trap Pigeons - I caught this herd of pigeons from a building compound where they had made a complete mess with their droppings. Although pigeons do look cute when they are huddled together, not everyone has a liking towards them and the maintenance department of this building was no different. Anyways, catching these pigeons and removing them from the site was not the most challenging task in the world for me. I set up these traps and placed food items like seeds and corn inside. See pigeons love food and once they see even one of their clan inside the trap, the others are likely to follow.

It may, however, take a day or two to complete a pigeon removal job. For one, you need to build some trust with the pigeons by letting them in and out of the trap a few times freely so that they start believing that it is a safe place. Secondly, pigeons are usually found in large numbers in any area that they occupy. It is usually difficult to ascertain if all of them have been removed. In fact, oftentimes, some of them are left behind and that allows these birds to rebreed.

Once the pigeons walk into the trap, the issue of what to do with them arises. Since pigeons have a great sense of direction, they can easily find their way home so letting them off in the air is not much of a solution. I do not prefer leaving them in the cage for too long or killing them. A good solution is to find an aviary or a bird park and ask them if they can keep these pigeons. Wildlife preservation people can also help. To prevent future pigeon infestation, a lot of buildings have pigeon spikes installed. The spikes have their own pros and cons but they do a good job in keeping the pigeons away.