A bobcat in a cage trap.

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Bobbing Up A Bobcat - Speaking of armadillos, did I tell you about that one time when I was called in to catch an armadillo and ended up catching a bobcat instead? Well the story begins with a phone call from this house where an armadillo had dug up the front yard. The exasperated owner called me up and asked me to do something about it. I reached their place and using all my armadillo trapping techniques, was able to catch it. The owners, however, were still not quite satisfied and they wanted me to try again in case there were more than one armadillos at work in their garden.

As per their request, I set up the armadillo trap again and left it out there overnight with the hope that if there is another armadillo, it will be caught by next morning. To my delight, I did receive a phone call from the homeowners who told me that an animal had been caught in the trap but instead of an armadillo, it was a bobcat – A bobcat? I was sure it must be an ordinary housecat and the owners were blowing its description out of proportion. But no, I was in for another surprise.

It was a bobcat indeed! And this was one of the few rare times that a customer had identified the animal spot on, otherwise I mostly end up being disappointed when the actual animal does not match the description. Anyways, I just admired this bobcat for a while. It seemed conscious of my presence and looked directly into my eye. Careful about not touching the cage and poking my finger inside its grill, I turned the face of the cage trap towards the wilderness and opened the door. As soon as the bobcat realized that it was free to go, it leapt out and ran off towards the wild.