A dead opossum removed from an attic

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A Stinky Dead Opossum - The regular followers of my posts must be well aware that I do not just specialize in live animal trapping, but also remove dead animals from people’s homes. Yup, I am proud to say that I am multitalented! The dead animal you see in my hand right there in the picture is a dead opossum. When I got the call from the owners of this house, they told me that they had a dead rat situation and the stench was all over the place. The only thing was they could tell me further was that the smell seemed to be coming from their ceiling.

Years of experience have trained my sense of smell so well that I can instantly tell which animal died in the house, which is how the moment I reached the house, I knew it was a dead opossum instead of a rat. Since the owner had mentioned that the smell seemed to be coming from the ceiling and the fact that the attic was the most likely place for the opossum to be, I started my dead opossum hunting mission from there. Looking around here and there, I could not find the opossum anywhere on the surface but the strong smell did confirm that it was somewhere in the room.

I kept sniffing and finally located the spot where the dead opossum was – under the floorboards. So I pulled the floorboards out, which I did with the help of a hammer and there it was. I picked up the rotting carcass and placed it in a garbage bag. Then, I cleaned the area under the floorboard for fears of infection and germs that can be spread if there are any maggots and/or dead animal fluid around. And finally I sprayed the place with a nice deodorizer that got rid of the horrendous smell. As always, I put the floorboard back in its place and sealed off any possible entry points into the attic.