A dead squirrel removed from attic insulation

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Another Case Of A Poisoned Animal - By now, I have written so much about my sentiments against poisoning animals that it will sound like a rant if I get into it again. However, my own viewpoint about poisoning animals aside, when you feed poison to critters roaming inside the house, you should very well be prepared that they will die somewhere inside the house. Since there is no predicting where they will end up breathing their last inside the house, they usually end up dying in some unknown corner, leaving the house engulfed in a horrible smell. This is what happened in the case of this dead squirrel as well.

The owners of this house called me in to help them out with a smelly situation inside the house. Judging from my experience, I could tell the stench originated from the attic and I was right. Right there in the attic, wrapped in the insulation was a dead squirrel that died after being fed poison by the owners. I was surprised, though, because usually squirrels are smart enough to distinguish between food and poison. But I guess this one could not and that resulted in its death. I cut the part of insulation out on which the squirrel was stuck and placed the carcass safely in a garbage bag.

Next, I took care of cleaning the insulation off maggots and dead animal fluid, and deodorized the entire place to get rid of the stench. Since squirrels usually move into attics in groups, I knew there were others too. I hunted them down with the help of my trusted traps and made sure the entry points were properly sealed. To round the job off, I disposed off the dead squirrel and then let its remaining friends go free into the wild.

After completing all my tasks, it was time to go home for some well-deserved sleep.