Rat trapping on a roof

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Trapping Rats On The Roof - This is another story about a bunch of roof rats and there is no prize for guessing where I caught them – on the roof, of course. These rats were using the roof because they had found a few entry points into this house’s attic, which went through the eaves that connected the roof to the attic. Although normally I set traps inside the attic, as you may have seen in my other posts, this was a unique job because the attic was made in such a way that there was no way for me to set traps in there. For this reason, I had to use to roof to trap the rats.

The roof was a huge challenge in itself because it was very steep and it took me a while to balance myself on the ladder properly to make sure that I do not end up falling. To make sure that the traps remain in their place, I screwed several of them to the roof, knowing very well that this was a frequently used passage by the rats and sooner or later, they will travel down this route. I did end up catching a lot of them, indicating that the house had some serious rat infestation problem.

The next important thing to do was to seal off the entry points that were being used by the rats. I closed each one of them one by one with the help of steel and a sealant. I know that my work bore fruit because after that, I did not receive any calls from this house regarding any rodent-like noise coming from the ceiling. Any job that gets done in time and leaves my customers satisfied is a job I take pride in and this was one of them, despite being a commonplace rodent trapping job.