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How to keep pigeons out of a barn

Sometimes controlling birds around buildings can be really difficult. You may have to use several types of techniques to prevent birds from making your barn their home. In some severe cases you may need to hire a professional to get rid of the birds in your barn. Pigeons are one such kind that can sneak in and render you helpless as they claim your property as theirs.

A couple of pigeons might not be that dangerous but when they start pouring in large numbers, they can cause an unsanitary conditions to work in and may damage your property. They can consume the food present in the barn and at the same time contaminate the water. This can be a major cause of transmission of diseases in livestock and poultry. Pigeons may become a constant source of bird feces which can create a dirty and nasty smelling environment and damage the farm equipment. Sometimes these unwanted birds can also block the drains and gutters with their nests.

On one hand this might seem a minor problem but if gotten out of control, it may create a havoc and nuisance in the lives of the property holders. There are many ways to handle this problem but first there are a few things that need to be considered. Once you plan to clean the barn of unwanted pigeons, you must consider the state law that describes the laws that protect birds. When you do this make sure that you know what you are dealing with. If you want your barn empty of pigeons, you need to know about their behavior and living habits.

Pigeons are one of the most known species of birds to humans. They are beautiful creatures that give preference to grain and seeds. But their eating preferences can vary when it comes to unavailability of their preferred food. They can also feast on garbage, small insects, breads and crumbs provided by people. Barns are one of the most favorable living spots for pigeons where they can easily access spilled grains. They can easily accommodate themselves on even weak platforms using twigs, hay and leaves.

Your best bet is to nip the evil in the bud. Only you can save your barn from getting exploited because you need to understand that the only reason pigeons and other birds are attracted towards your barn is the abundance of food and water. You need to take some remedial steps on daily basis to avoid any damage in your barn.

When you store the grain make sure that you clean up the spilled grain. Check for any punctures in the containers you store grain in and make arrangements to cover up loopholes if any. Use bird-proof containers and feeders with covers on them. Always keep the water at a level where birds cannot reach it but shallow enough that your livestock can. Go back to the How to get rid of pigeons home page.

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