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What to Do when a Pigeon Enters Your Home

Dealing with a single pigeon can be a very tiresome task since it is scared and will run away from anything that moves. In addition, it might be in an unfamiliar territory and thus cannot plan its escape quickly. While this seems to increase your chances of catching it, it makes it even more difficult. This is because you cannot predict what its next move will be and its haphazard movement in the enclosed space could leave very many things damage.

What do you do when you are faced with such a situation?

Switch on the light

This is the first thing that you should do since there is no way that you can hunt in the dark. Furthermore, the pigeon can see better than you in the dark and this means that without the light, you do not stand a chance against it.

Try not to scare it

Many people pick up clothes and cushions from their chairs and try to throw them at the helpless bird. If you do this, you make it more frightened and this makes it even harder for it to stick on one spot. Just move slowly if you have to.

Close all doors that lead to the interior of the house

If you are in the kitchen, you should try to close all the doors that can lead the bird further into the house. This will mean that the bird cannot fly further into the house’s interior as this would make it harder to track it and also increase its room of movement. If you are in a room with access to the outside, like a window or a door, you should open it.

In the case that you are in a room that has tightly grilled windows or with no access to the outside, you should try to open a door that reads to a room with outside access. If you are in the store, and the grills on the walls leave so narrow spaces that the bird cannot fly through them, then you should open the door to the kitchen or to another room with access to the outside.

Lead the Bird Outside

If there is a window or a door that has outside access and it is open, then you should try to scare the bird towards that direction and it will fly right out, especially if it is during the day. If you have to lead it to another room first, then do it and shut the door behind you, then repeat the above steps appropriately.

It is imperative to note that cats and pigeons are not the best of friends. This means that if you have a cat, it will come running into the room and start chasing the pigeon. While it may catch it eventually, the loss of damage might be massive and you may also have to deal with a few bloodstains. If you have a cat, make sure that it doesn’t get into the same room with the bird. Go back to the How to get rid of pigeons home page.

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