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Will the city or county animal services help me with a pigeon issue?

Pigeons are one of the most common kind of pests because they are destructive in nature. They have the capacity to destroy crops, contaminate water and affect the livestock in one way or another. In other words pigeons are not safe pet if you want a clean and healthy environment about you. These unwanted guests can sometimes become a cause of great nuisance if not detected and removed immediately.

Once a pigeon sets in on your property, its presence never goes unnoticed. You might come across a lot of bird feces almost on everything that comes within their reach. But this is not as alarming as living in an environment contaminated by pigeons as it can cause both physical and mental health risks. Pigeons can carry and transmit multiple kinds of diseases without your knowledge. Another thing to worry is that pigeons multiply really quickly. As they increase in number it becomes very difficult to eradicate them.

You must ensure their removal as soon as they settle on your property because as mentioned before they multiply in number really quickly. It is easy to remove one or two but if there are more of them it might get out of your control to handle their eviction. Another thing of great importance is that pigeons are really great at remembering the place they live in, so it will be best to remove them as soon as they arrive or until you detect them so that they do not develop an attachment with your place. If this happens they become really possessive about the place they have occupied and may even return back even after their eviction.

Usually pigeons are considered as pests and there is no law that protects them or prevents their eviction. So as you know that there is no law against it, hence it is of no concern to the state whether you have a pigeon problem or not. It is your problem and the city law is not responsible in helping you with it. Similar is the case with county animal services. Generally presence of pigeons is not that big a problem that requires their services. They rule it out as, if the pigeon is present on your property than it is your problem.

Since you can't overlook this problem due to the obvious reasons, you have to make sure they are removed from your property immediately and permanently. There are plenty of ways to sort this problem out. You can always do it by yourself i.e. manually removing the pigeons using specialized tools or deterrents that are available in the market or else you could poison them but then you will be left with the problem of bird carcasses in places that you can't reach. The best solution is to hire professional help that are fully trained to rid you off any unwanted birds in humane and safe ways. Go back to the How to get rid of pigeons home page.

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