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Will a pest control company remove a pigeon?

Most pest control companies called to remove live or dad pigeon from homes will usually end up using animal poisons and that could worsen the situation. Once the pest control staff tries to remove the pigeon mechanically and fail, they resort to the use of poisonous baits – a condition that could cause the pigeon to die in a difficult hiding place and trigger offensive odours around the home.

There are so many ways poisonous methods of trapping pigeons is dangerous. Aside the poisonous odours from dead pigeons, there are other dangers posed by using poisonous baits to remove dead or live pigeons, these are;

-Environmental hazards,
- Allergic reactions, and
- Secondary food poisoning.

Aside from foul smell caused by the use of poisons in removing pigeons, environmental hazards such as leaching of poisonous baits into the environment from the roof, door and garage compartments can cause serious dangers to plants and sea animals. When poisonous traps are not cleaned effectively after using it to trap pigeons, such poisons can be leashed into nearby streams and ponds and fishes can accidentally swallow them and become infested immediately. Some wild animals may also pick up the remnants of such poisonous baits from the garage and that can cause illnesses or death of such animals.

Allergic reactions such as skin, lungs and eye infections have been reported with the use of poisonous chemicals or gas used in capturing pigeons at homes. Dogs and cats are susceptible to eye and skin rashes caused by some powerful poisonous baits used to trap birds and other wild animals around the homes and when such allergic reactions are not treated on time, they may spread rapidly to humans within the vicinity.

Secondary food poisoning is another problem recorded with the use of poisonous baits used in catching pigeons. If pigeons don’t pick up the poisonous baits, your dogs or cats may accidentally pick them up, likewise smaller kids may accidentally put such foods in their mouth and that could cause serious health problem.

When choosing a pest control company, it is important to ask for the methods they deploy in carrying out their obligations. Pest control companies who use conventional mechanical traps should be preferred to those that use poisonous baits and the reason being that mechanical traps can capture pigeons alive and they can be disposed off immediately, but poisonous baits even though may be effective but the pigeons may die off in difficult hiding places and that can make them even more difficult to remove. In most cases, the cost of using mechanical and other safe methods of pigeon removal can be higher than the use of poisonous baits, but the safety of your households and your environment at large should be your priority. Go back to the How to get rid of pigeons home page.

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