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Should I ever poison a pigeon?

Pigeons are just one kind of many kinds of marvelous, intelligent and beautiful creatures. These wonderful birds have an in-built sense of direction and play a big part in our ecosystems worldwide. Pigeons have been utilized by humans as means of communication for since the beginning of times. Humans have actually relied on pigeons as the primary means for sending messages before the advent of the technological era. Although they can become somewhat of a nuisance under certain circumstance, it is the overriding position and strongly urged to never intentionally kill or poison a pigeon.

Many people don’t think for themselves when it comes to pigeon problems. The first resort is usually to acquire some poison like Avitrol with the hopes of getting rid of the pigeon pest. However, people seem to be neglectful of the fact that pigeon poison like Avitrol is also known to be toxic to humans. It is therefore important to think about the possibility of threats to the community- unaware that they are also being subjected to poison. The very real possibility of sickness or death exists, without the victims ever knowing what the cause was.

In New Orleans, Louisiana, there are many concerned citizens who wish to act now to stop the poisoning of pigeons. These concerned New Orleans residents are now actually petitioning against the intentional poisoning of pigeons. These people mean serious business when they say that others don't understand that they're not just killing pigeons. They are also unknowingly killing hundreds of other species of birds as well. To poison pigeons is not a real solution to whatever problems they may be causing. In other words, the final verdict is that bird poison is not the solution to nuisance bird populations.

We, as humans in control of our natural world, must ask ourselves a few simple questions whenever the thought of killing a pigeon pops into our heads. The first and most obvious of these questions is whether money and tourism are more important than wildlife? Is our personal satisfaction and bank balance more important than saving our ecosystems? The answer to these questions must of course be NO. We must agree that the poisoning of any kind should never be done to any living thing on earth. Every single life on earth has meaning and we as humans are not at liberty to decide who gets to live or die. The simple truth is that poisoning pigeons is barbaric and cruel and needs to be stopped. There are various other better alternatives for dealing with the nuisance of bird populations other than resorting to poison, and it is strongly urged that we become more conscientious about these matters. You should definitely never poison a pigeon. Go back to the How to get rid of pigeons home page.

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