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Should I relocate a pigeon?

Pigeons these are cute little creatures that apparently seem harmless, but actually can turn into your worst nightmares. The presence of these birds in any kind of residential or commercial property is never welcome for obvious reasons. They are known for carrying mites, ticks and fleas in a manner that is similar to most of the other birds. It has also been said by experts that they carry diseases that can be transmitted to people by contact. Their droppings are disgusting as they not only have foul smell, but also damage your car or building giving it an unhygienic and disgusting look. Worst of all their nests are highly flammable so this further enhances the level of risks that are associated with their presence.

Keeping in view the above mentioned points it is very much important that good steps should be taken for controlling the presence of pigeons especially in residential areas. Luckily there are different methods available designed by experts which you can use for controlling the problem. However, majority is unaware of these and this is from where the entire problem starts. While dealing with pigeons you actually need to be very much careful as in all cases the preference should always be to get rid of it without bringing any considerable harm as these are also living creatures who feel pain and subjecting the bird to immense is never considered as a human thing. Keeping in view this point many people prefer to capture the bird using traps as they have the idea in mind that after capturing the animal it can be released to a afar off place and hence problem will be solved because of this reason you will most of the time see people asking that Should I relocate a pigeon?

The answer to this question is No, because relocating the pigeon is never a nice idea. If you think that problem will be solved after relocating the pigeon, then you are wrong here. Pigeons are very smart birds with excellent navigation qualities. Their intelligence allows them to keep track of things and even if you will release the bird in wild it will find its way back to your home easily without facing much trouble. Your time and energy will be wasted in these efforts so don’t consider this a as a useful strategy.

What to do?

It is better to look towards other methods of pigeon control because there are some tried and tested strategies which can be used for driving away these birds from your property in a convincing fashion. In all cases the best choice is to call experts or take help from people who have a proper experience of handling these matters. Go back to the How to get rid of pigeons home page.

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