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What to do about Pigeons in the Chimney

Many birds like pigeons like living in chimneys and chimney pots. Getting rid of these birds can be a difficult task depending on the number of pigeons in question. What methods can you use to get rid of pigeons in your chimney?

Use of spikes

This is considered to be the best method to deal with this menace. The spikes are designed in such a way that they can prevent a bird from landing even without causing any harm to it. There are different types of spikes. Some can be used inside the chimneys, while others have to be installed on the top openings of the chimney. Just ensure that the spikes you buy are installed in the right way since the spikes can be bent easily even by playing kids. A broken or damaged spike should be pulled down and replaced as it could give the pigeons a good place to nest and also rest.

Use of sound deterrents

Many people use sound deterrents to chase pigeons out of their attics. However, they can also work in chimneys. Just install the sound machines inside the chimney and then moderate the volume of the sound so that it is not irritating to family members. You should also ensure that the machine is motion activated so that it only sounds when the pigeons come into the chimney. This method can be very dangerous to young children as the sudden sounds may scare them.

Use of mesh wire

This is the easiest method to prevent pigeons from getting into your chimney. Just put some mesh wire with moderate gaps so that the pigeons may not fit in the openings. This mesh should be used to block any openings on the top part of the chimney. However, to use this method, you have to ensure that there are no pigeons in the chimney. If there are, just chase them away with a chimney brush or a long piece of stick, then seal of the entry points. The downside of using mesh is that it may get clogged with soot in a few months and this would mean that the smoke from your kitchen does not get out of the chimney. This is very dangerous if your use fuels that produce lots of smoke.

Use of cats

A cat is one of the best domestic animals to use against birds. Cats often chase and kill birds and this is the same case with pigeons. This fact is what makes pigeons so scared of cats that they scamper away at the slightest clue of the presence of a cat. If you have two cats this can be a very successful endeavor. The best thing about this method is that you do not have to buy anything, since the cats are all you need. Go back to the How to get rid of pigeons home page.

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