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What is pigeon shock track?

Inside the market there is a great abundance of bird control, abatement products and exclusion materials and all of these make very high claims of providing you lasting results. However, from the point of view of a purchaser it is always a difficult task to select an appropriate product because you are investing money on the purchase which is not earned easily. There can be different situations like sometimes a product which is actually very good is not used in the correct way so it fails in delivering. There are many devices present in the market and these days pigeon shock track is in a lot of discussion the opinion is divided, but again it is believed by majority that use of these products is considered as actually very much effective. The system has been designed in such a manner that it doesn’t causes any sort of body injury and works only to frighten the bird so you can use these for scaring away pigeons.

The suppliers of this system claim that Electric Shock Systems can be utilized for scaring away a wide variety of birds not only pigeons, but yes they are actually very much useful for scaring away pigeons. It is important to highlight the point that these systems can actually be used for any kind of app where there is the presence of a solid surface, but main application is for controlling the existence of pigeons present upon the buildings of urban regions.

The technology

The electric shock systems that are for controlling pigeons are actually based upon electric fence technology and it is actually meant for keeping livestock inside restricted regions without the installation of permanent fences. The main principle which is followed in these systems is to deliver a low voltage shock to the bird’s feet as soon as it lands upon the electrical track. These systems actually are composed of two wires that are housed inside track and run in a parallel fashion. There is current in one wire coming from active terminal and second wire is earthed. It is important that both feet of bird should get in touch with two wires otherwise the system will not work in a proper fashion.

The advantages

The basic and prominent advantage associated with this Electric Shock System is that its low profile and you find it easy to manage in comparison to many other similar products. The height of a conventional system is from 0.25” to 0.5” and these systems are being offered in various colors so you will not face any problem in positioning them at proper places.

The system can take power from direct current or alternating current also solar power can be used for this purpose. Go back to the How to get rid of pigeons home page.

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