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Using Sound Repellants against Pigeons

The market for animal sound repellants is increasing yearly as more people turn to sound as a repellant against animals. What is the truth behind sound repellants?

Sound repellants are simply machines that are designed to produce loud sound to scare away animals and birds. The sound machine may produce the sound all day long but recent technology has led to the building of motion activated sound machines. This type only starts producing the sound when some motion is detected. These are the best repellants since they also come with the element of surprise and thus scare away he animals more easily. You should install multiple machines depending on how big the area is.

However, the sound machines have limitations of their own. Let us start with the sound itself, if this sound is loud enough to scare away a flock of pigeons, why would it not scare away young children. There have been cases of pigeons slipping away from their nests in the night and this would mean that the motion detectors would be activated and this in turn would turn on the sound. Depending on how close the child’s bedroom is this sound could be so scary to them that it would be dangerous for their well-being. Also, there are neighborhoods that could be against noise, especially if you live in an urban place and the houses are close together.

The pigeons are birds that are known to be very friendly to humans and this means that they have become used to the noise environment that humans live in. This means that after some days of the sounds being scary to them, there would come a time when the pigeons would no longer be afraid of the sound. This means that although the sound is being produced, the pigeons go about their business as usual.

Another limitation with using sound repellants is how far the sound goes. For example, if you have a 3 acre piece of land, you would need to install very many sound machines for you to stand a chance at scaring away these birds. In large farms, there are very minimal chances of success when trying to chase away pigeons using sound repellants.

Although sound repellants may be easy to install, there are very many limitations that prevent them from being an effective method of scaring away pigeons. Before installing them, you should also consider the fact that they are very irritating to family members. However, there are very many alternatives that could be used to successfully rid your home of pigeons. Some of these methods include trapping and using one way doors or funnels. You can also call an animal control service to help you with your problem Go back to the How to get rid of pigeons home page.

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