Can repellents get a raccoon out of the chimney?

The question you should ask yourself; are there any effective repellents that are sold in the stores that will permanently keep raccoons away from your chimney? The answer is a resounding No; they are definitely sold in stores but they are not the best recommendations. If you want to try them out, you can buy any of the deterrent products and use them to get a raccoon out of the chimney.

The most important thing you have to understand is that it is very illegal to use repellents that are poisonous or repellents that are likely to take away the life of the animal. They will not bite or harm you, so why should you apply lethal measures that will kill a raccoon? There is a good reason why the raccoon is in your chimney; it is because you were not that careful to seal off the small openings into your chimney and because the raccoon needs some shelter and food. This is exactly what you would have done if you were in the same situation. We will discuss about the repellents that can be used to get the raccoons away from the chimney but you have to keep in mind that repellents are not the best solution to employ:

Moth balls
From its name it is mainly used to keep insects away but because of its odor many people will use it in order to get rid of the raccoons. The truth is that their odor will drive them away just for a couple of days and when the odor has faded, they will pay you the second visit, especially if you have not sealed and blocked all the possible entry points. They are therefore not 100% effective and you will be required to buy them every time you need to get raccoons out of the chimney which is to some extent expensive compared to other techniques like using traps.

You have to soak the ammonia in cotton balls and throw them in the chimney. They also have an odor that will definitely force the raccoon to find some other place but once the odor fades away, then you know what happens next. The other possibility is that the raccoon is likely to avoid areas that have the balls and occupy other corners of the chimney.

Predator urine
The smell of the urine is considered as the repellent but the raccoons are very intelligent and if they sense that there is no greater danger, then they will stick in your chimney and continue with their normal business.

Raccoon sprays
There are all sorts of sprays that have been manufactured but they are not very effective. If you want to yield some results, you will be forced several of them as a preventative measure. Once they get used to the small of a certain spray they will not relocate from the chimney.

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