Why Do Raccoons Die Inside Houses?

Raccoons are wild animals who rarely venture inside houses without good reasons. However, this doesn’t mean that they cannot live in houses; in fact, there are many raccoons that have built their nests inside houses. What are some of the reasons why raccoons would die in a house?


There is a rise in the number of people who relocate animals instead of killing them. Relocated animals rarely survive since they are not well knowledge about the environment. Thy look for food wherever their legs take them and this often leads them to houses especially in urban areas. When they get into a house and they are unable to get out, raccoons die since they are not the best climbers and cannot climb over tall concrete walls.

Stress and isolation

Isolation is the largest killer ofrelocated animals. Apart from the lack of important knowledge about the new environment, as mentioned above, relocated animals also suffer from isolation and stress. Raccoons thrive in nests where they live in multiple numbers. However, when relocated, a raccoon cannot find a new team fast enough and this means that they have to survive alone. They have no new dens and yet no place to live until they can make a nest of their own. The lack of a team really takes a toll of these raccoons and they eventually succumb to the stress after a few days.


Like all other rodents, raccoons suffer from various diseases which can be very dangerous since they are wild animals. Sick raccoons sometimes wander away from their children and their teams and they often die on their own. These raccoons can get into houses where they can get easy food and they often die in these houses.

Losers in fights

Raccoons are known for their territoriality. Male raccoons fight for mating and space rights. Quite often, these fights are fought until one male scampers away in retreat or until one opponent dies. If the fights happen in a house, you will see a huge mess since they are vicious fighters. The losing teams often succumb to their wounds and injuries.


There are people who poison animals instead of relocating or trapping them. Some poisons have been known to cause paralysis to the animals that ingest them. If a raccoon ventures into a house and feeds on a poisoned food substance, chances are that the raccoon will get paralyzed and die in the house.

Abandonment by Parents

Very many mother raccoons are killed as they try to defend their children from harm. These children the scamper away without knowing where to go and most often, they end up in stores and barns where they feel most secure. However, cats and other pets kill these weaklings and then feed on them.

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