What do raccoon feces look like?

An unusual fact about raccoons is their bathroom habits. raccoons defecate in CS/communal sites, called latrines. Raccoon feces typically are dark and tubular plus have a strong odor. Latrines may be establish any convenient site around or on trees, raised rocks or surfaces, even attics and other low traffic areas like abandoned buildings. Because raccoons don’t digest all of what they eat, many other animals like rodents, dogs, cats, and other omnivores to eat raccoon feces. In their scat you will often find bits and pieces of shellfish, seeds, and other bits of food. The normal raccoon droppings will be the size of an average dog. Raccoons exist everywhere, and can thrive in just about any environment.

Although they are indigenous to forests, marshes, prairies they are highly adaptable and can almost always find something to eat almost anywhere. They are scavengers by nature and very adept at using their agile and dexterous 5 fingered paws. Raccoons can be very predatory as well. In some cases raccoons have been known to eat cats, chickens, and other small predator animals. In its natural surroundings, raccoons look for a lot of their meals in and near the water. These nocturnal foragers use their agile hands to grab crayfish, frogs, and other aquatic creatures. On land, they pluck mice and insects from their holes and climb trees to raid nests for tasty eggs.

Because they are omnivores, Raccoons also eat fruit and plants. They do no discriminate from wild food and that grown in human gardens and farms. They have been known eat from garbage cans, steal pet food, and raid the occasional empty cabin.

These Wiley mammals are equally opportunistic when it comes to choosing a place to live. Raccoons normally live in a den by themselves sometimes in a hollow tree, sometimes a small cave, or even a deserted barn or your attic. In late spring early summer Females look for a place to nest, birthing one to seven cubs. The young raccoons will live with their mother for about one year before going off their own. Raccoons will gorge themselves in the summer and fall to store up body fat. They then spend much of the winter asleep in a den. Although the north American Raccoon is the recognizable of the species, There are actually six other types of raccoons in existence.

Most other species live on tropical islands. Raccoons are, by nature, solitary animals; they tend to stick to their own territory except for mating season but will occasionally socialize with other raccoons the cross path with.

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