Raccoon Eviction Fluid

Raccoon eviction fluid is a simple solution made from the gland secretions and the urine from male raccoons. It comes in two forms: a fluid and a paste. The logic behind the raccoon eviction fluid is that female raccoons are well aware of the danger that male raccoons pose to raccoon babies. Like many other mammals, male raccoons kill all baby raccoons that are not from their loins. They do this in an effort to force the mother to stop taking care of the young ones and go into heat. This behavior is mostly common in lions but raccoons seem to also adopt this heartless behavior.

This heartless behavior of male raccoons is why female raccoons fear them around their young ones. If a female raccoon catches the scent of a male raccoon near her den area, she feels very threatened and strives to move her babies to a different location. This is the idea behind the raccoon eviction fluid. By introducing the smell of male urine and glad fluid in a female raccoon’s nest, she will definitely think that a male raccoon is larking around and will thus move her babies to a different location very quickly.

When to use it
Raccoon eviction fluid only works in the raccoon has young ones. The female raccoon has to feel fear due to the eminent danger to her young babies in order to move to another location. As such, if you use the raccoon eviction fluid when there are no baby raccoons, there is a high chance that the fluid will not work since there is no threat from the idea of a male being around.

How to use it
Pour a generous amount of the fluid on old rags, tennis balls or any other medium that will soak the fluid up. Then toss the medium of choice into various parts of your attic or a place where you are sure that a female raccoon is nurturing her young ones. It is also advisable to put the rags near the exits and entries of the place where the raccoon is, like the attic.

Where to get the fluid
Raccoon eviction fluid is a common product in most big stores. Alternatively, there are also many online retailers who sell the fluid and have it delivered to your address.

What if it does not work?
The raccoon eviction fluid, though based on a very clever idea, does not always work. However, there is still a glimmer of hope when using other effective methods. The best alternative to this method is taking the young ones from the nest and using them as bait in a trap. The mother, driven by blind love for young ones, will walk right into the trap and then you can decide what you will do with them afterwards.

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