Will homeowners insurance pay for damage caused by raccoons?

It has been long that you have been facing problems because of the vandalism of raccoons around your house and you are already familiar with the sounds and the mess they create. You are tired and fed up of the damage the raccoons cause to your house and other property. The damages are often very costly and can be the cause of a full renovation of you house which would in turn be very expensive. In such cases, what do you think you should do? What options do you have? The first thing that comes to your mind is the homeowners’ insurance policy.

Often when people are faced by problems regarding the damage and loss caused by the raccoons they are confused over the point whether the homeowners insurance will cover for the damage or not. First of all you need to contact your insurance agency to inform them about the damage. They will guide to what can be done. If they do provide their services to cover the damage then will inform you so. However, you should be well aware that mostly the homeowners do not provide coverage over the loss. In some cases the coverage is set to limited. The insurance agency will visit your house for inspection to see the amount pf damage caused. The damage cause to your personal things will not be covered. For an example, if the raccoons have damaged your furniture along with the walls of the house, then the homeowners insurance will only bear the expenses of repairing your walls not of your furniture. Similarly if the raccoons have caused a lot of filth, the cleaning of this filth is also excluded from your insurance policy. Hence the removal, repair and cleaning up of personal items is completely excluded from the policy.

The question that will the homeowners insurance pay for the damage the raccoons have caused then you should know that your right is governed by your insurance. If any clause of covering the damages is mentioned in your insurance policy then the homeowners insurance will pay for the damages the raccoons have caused. However if the insurance contract does not mention anything as such then you cannot claim it to cover for your loss. Many insurance agencies take the responsibility of one damage and from then it is your duty to take all preventions to avoid the raccoons from entering your house again. On the other hand, you need to talk to your insurance agent at the time when you are making the contract. If you live in an area where there is a lot of wildlife and there are chances of repetitive intrusions by the raccoons or other wildlife then you need to mention it before hand to the insurance agent. The insurance agent will then set the terms of the contract accordingly and it will be kept in consideration as to what is to be done under such circumstances. Clarify all the terms of the contract with the homeowners’ insurance agent.

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