How to Kill Raccoons with Poison

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How To Kill A Raccoon
There is no doubt that raccoons can be a pest when they appear in a domestic area, and the first reaction of some people will actually be to try and kill these animals. A number of problems can arise when it comes to killing raccoons, so in some situations it will often be more practical not to kill the raccoons. However, some people will be adamant that they want to kill the raccoon, so choosing the right way to do this will be important, especially if it is a rabid raccoon.

Shooting A Raccoon
One of the biggest problems with shooting raccoons is that they are quick animals that are generally nocturnal, meaning that they are quite difficult to shoot. The big issue with shooting a raccoon is that you will need to be a very good marksman, as an injured raccoon wandering near your home can actually be a much greater threat than a healthy raccoon. There is also the problem of blood spatter and disease, as the raccoon will often bleed significantly after shooting, and many of the diseases that can be transmitted by the raccoons are transmitted by blood.

Using Lethal Traps To Kill A Raccoon
There are a number of different traps that can be used to kill raccoons, and these can be strangulation snares or body grip traps, and these are both quite difficult to set properly. Generally the lethal traps have only been the domain of trappers and those who are hunting raccoons for their fur, mainly because it is easy to catch the wrong animals or even injure yourself by using these traps incorrectly.

One of the most popular ways to kill a raccoon is to lay poison down for these animals, but while the poison will work it usually causes much more damage and problems than it solves. The raccoons will often look for somewhere to hide nearby, where it will suffer a slow and painful death. It can often be difficult to find these carcasses once they do die, and the smell of the carcass is a very pungent one which can permeate any property or home nearby. This smell is also likely to attract many other pest animals, which will often be the main reason to get rid of the raccoon in the first place.

Dealing With The Carcass
As well as the many legal problems that are associated with trapping and killing raccoons, it is also worth noting that dealing with the carcass isn't particularly easy either. The raccoon can carry a number of diseases and conditions, which means that any contact with the carcass should be kept to a minimum. Many garbage services will be unwilling to accept carcasses, so in some areas you will have no choice but to bury or burn the carcass, which really makes killing the raccoon a much less attractive prospect.

Alternatives To Killing A Raccoon
Killing raccoons is a messy and frankly unpleasant business that is often a lot more work than simply catching and removing the animal. Live trapping is a solution that is much easier and offers the added benefit that it will not cause the accidental deaths of other animals apart from the raccoon that may get in the way. Live trapping also reduces the likelihood of diseases being spread by the dead or dying raccoon, which should be a concern for those who are in areas where children or domestic animals are present.

There will always be some people who are adamant that they want to kill a raccoon that is present in their garden or yard, but in reality is not as efficient or as practical a solution as live trapping and removal.

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