What kind of noises and sounds do raccoons make?

When you hear noises in the attic during the night, the greatest chance is that there are wild animal/s living within and they may be scratching the roof. Raccoons are one kind of animal that you can find in the attic and there are some noises that will help you realize that there are actually raccoons in there.

Thumping: when you hear thumping within the attic, this tells you that there is a larger animal within. The greatest likelihood is that there is an opossum or a raccoon living within. They may be engaging in activities such as jumping from one place to the next within the attic. They may be doing this while actively destroying or shoving something. They can also cause thumping sounds as they drug something heavy within the attic.

Scratching: the other noise that a raccoon can make while in the attic is scratch. There are lots of other animals that scratch and you will have to actually determine whether it is a raccoon or not. When you hear scratching, the animal within is most likely nocturnal. With scratching, you may not be able to determine whether the animal is big or not. Also, there are many factors that can influence the volume of the scratching especially where there is background noise.

Vocal noises: raccoons also make some vocal noises. Squirrels, opossums, mice and rats don’t make vocal noises while in the attic. When you hear any kind of vocal noises, then there is likelihood that there is a raccoon or an entire family living within.

What you should note is the fact that sometimes you can make a determination of the animal in your house just by paying attention to the noise. Raccoons are large and so the noise will be heavy. You will hear thumping as well as walking. Since they are nocturnal, you may hear the noises at night especially after dusk as the animal prepares to leave and as it returns. Timing may not be the same and at times, the raccoons can stir at daytime.

The vocal sounds made by raccoons are very distinct and they can vary. You can hear cries, chirps and other kinds of growls amongst other noises. When there is a family of raccoons that consist of a female and its litter, then you may hear a very distinct whining and crying of the babies that is very unique. This tells you that there is indeed a raccoon within the home.

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