How to stop raccoons from pooping in my swimming pool

Raccoons are not only destructive but they are very harmful pests because they are likely to spread very harmful germs to humans. They love pooping in the swimming pools and this can be very harmful to humans because sometimes their poops contain eggs of a very dangerous worm that is harmful to humans especially children. The end result is that they cause severe illnesses that may even result into death. It is paramount to come up with the proper measures that will prevent these animals from pooping in your pool. It is very tricky to solve this problem but if you put in the required efforts then you will be able to solve your problem in a jiffy.

Using live traps
This is the most effective way that will help you to completely get rid of the raccoons. The trap has to be placed along the path that they use to get into the pool. There are very high chances that you will be able to capture the raccoons before they enter your swimming pool. Once you have captured the raccoons, you have to handle them well and avoid harming them; you can later on release them away from your home and your swimming pool.

Securing the pool
You have to ensure that you cover up the area that the raccoons use to get into the pool. They will always use that path often because it is part of their territory. When you permanently block that area then they will not have any other choice but to look for another option. Your swimming pool will therefore be spared.

You have to make sure that the fence around the swimming pool has no small routes that can be used by these animals. If they exist, you have to block them; you also have to keep the fence closed all the time to prevent the raccoons from sneaking into the swimming pool where they usually dissipate. There are materials that you can use to come up with the fence like mesh wire with very small holes of=r you can opt for the permanent wall that is impossible to break through.

Dogs also offer a great help and you can use them as your guards. The dogs will be able to scare the raccoons away and your swimming pool will always be safe and more secured. If you do not have a dog, you can use deterrents that are not poisonous because they will help to keep raccoons away from your pool. Ammonia is not poisonous so you can use cotton balls and place them on the edges of the swimming pool; urine from the predators is also effective since it helps to keep raccoons away.

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