How to keep raccoons out from under your porch

Raccoons are always enticed by certain factors, to keep them away from your home you have to put everything where it rightfully belongs. They also love areas that are very comfortable like the porch and under the shade in your yard. They will always relocate into your yard especially is they feel threatened and if they are looking for food but there are techniques that you can use in order to prevent them from occupying your shade or porch.

Keeping raccoons out from under the shade
Raccoons will always use the shade especially during the hot season to shield themselves from direct sunlight. You can prevent them from occupying the shade by: Clearing the nearing bushes. When the area is clear, raccoons become scared and they will not near your yard especially under the shades. Always cut down grass to keep raccoons away. They will not have a hiding spot hence they will have no choice but to relocate and find some other place. You can use paw traps; the reason why these traps are effective is because they are undetectable and this makes it easy to trap the raccoons once they approach your shade. When you use these traps, you have to check on them from time to time so that you can free the raccoons once they are trapped. If you leave them on the trap for a couple of days they can starve to death which is an inhumane act. Water sprays are also effective especially when you use stunts that will scare the animals away. The stunts are to be controlled in that when the raccoons approach the shade, then the stunts will release water as a means of scaring away the animals.

Raccoons in the porch
Raccoons are very stubborn and sometimes they are likely to find way into your porch. If this is the case, you have to ensure that you have the correct equipment that will safely capture them. You can use traps; traps are very effective and they are of different kinds; you can opt for the cage trap by positioning it at the entry point of the porch they can be immediately be trapped. Soak balls of Ammonia and throw them at the entrance point. Ammonia has an odor that will definitely drive the raccoons away from your home. Use predators urine; the urine has a strong odor smell that is disgusting to the raccoons and once they sense it, they will immediately leave your porch. It is therefore a matter of being smart if you want to get rid of the raccoons from the porch and under the shade.

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