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Where should I relocate a trapped raccoon?

There are a number of factors, which you will actually have to consider if the case is that you have captured a raccoon and have plans related with relocating the animal. First of all check that what legal status of your state has to say about this. Violation of any kind of law is strictly prohibited as it can take you and your family in deep trouble bringing undesirable outcomes. You can only proceed after making sure that it allowed in your state to tarp and relocate the raccoon.

  • Now, most important things is to shift the animal at a distance of approximately 5 to 10 miles from its site of capture because there are strong chances present that if the animal is released at a lesser distance, then it will find its way back into your property.
  • Don’t keep the animal in cage for a longer time period as it will produce additional stress on it and it can lead to dehydration. Provide water to the animal because after being captured it will not be that much interested in eating.
  • You also have to be very much careful when it is about handling the cage don’t provoke the animal.
  • When you will be releasing the animal it is very much important to be careful because one mistake can turn the situation against you. Normally the first preference of animal is to get far away from the cage as soon as he can.
  • You should be very much concerned about your safety because animal can react in any manner so take measures for appropriate self defense if you want to avoid complications.
Where to relocate? There are defined laws which make it clear that you cannot release the animal on public land. A good number of experts think that woods are the best place for relocating the animal whereas others say that undeveloped areas are better options, but there should water source present near. However, in any situation you should focus upon shifting animal to a place, which should be safer and suitable for it so that it can spend the rest of life without trouble. The sad fact is that relocation is always tough for the animal, but we don’t have other better options present.

Baby Raccoons? The baby raccoons should always be relocated along with their mothers. It is not recommended to shift the animal alone if it is not in a position of feeding itself or moving. Set traps for mother and child and release them, far away from your property together and again the main requirement here is that place should be suitable for the animals to survive with proper water and food reserves. Go back to the How to get rid of raccoons home page.

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