Will the city or county animal services help me with a raccoon issue?

This is the question that arises in most people’s minds when they encounter a raccoon and expect more of them to break into their house. A raccoon entering you house is a really big problem for you and you would demand for the maximum level of help you can get. But as far as calling for help from the city or country animal services is concerned, this may seem like a small issue for the city or country animal services authorities. The problem of raccoons entering your house can be resolved on a local level instead of bothering the national animal services for the issue. A few years ago people used to contact the city or country animal services to complain about raccoons living in their house or eating away from their food, the animal services department used to turn up to resolve the issue, but the problem started spreading and the department started receiving complains on a regular basis which made the whole process to be really very expensive. The city or country animal services deals only with the issue of domestic and pet animal likes cats, dogs etc. it does not deal with the wild animals intruding your house.

The more ideal way to deal with the problem after you have tried everything else from your end would be to inform the local animal and pest control agencies or companies to take care of the issue. It is important to remember that the city and country animal agencies do not provide any sort of assistance for the problem and the extermination agencies need to be contacted for any such issue. These agencies are licensed to trap and exterminate the unwanted animals in your house. The professional extermination agencies make sure that you can solve your wildlife problem in a responsible and effective manner.

It is even better to try to find a way out of the raccoon problem on your own. You can try by fixing all the entrance and exit spots of the raccoons and keeping your house neat and tidy. Fix all leaking pipes and broken fences. On your porch and roof, spray pepper or the pest controlling medicines available at the market. Tie up your garbage properly and throw it into the bin in such a way that any leftover food does not oozes out as it is the food that attracts the raccoons even more. Trim all the branches of the tall trees in your porch. The raccoons look for a way by jumping in to the premises of your house through these branches. A little efforts from your end can save you from the pain and you have a peaceful life with a house free of raccoons.

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