What equipment is needed to trap raccoons?

Trapping raccoons basically requires you to have traps that are very effective; these traps are usually constructed in different sizes but they are generally divided into three; those that hold the raccoon by foot, those that hold by body and the most lethal ones that are intended to kill the raccoon. All these traps are made from different equipment and you can get them from the stores but there are other traps that can be made at home.

Homemade traps
The homemade traps require simple equipment; if for instance you intend to trap the baby raccoons, you will need hand gloves and a bucket. You can easily get hold of these equipments from the comfort of the home. If the raccoons are adults, then you will be required to be innovative in order to come up with something effective. You can therefore use hard board to form a cage like structure. You will place the cages at the entry points but you have to ensure that the door to the cage is large enough to let them in but small enough to prevent them from getting out once they are trapped. You can also mesh wire to come up with the cage trap; mesh trap is more effective than the board because you can easily check if it has actually trapped the raccoon. You have to also locate these traps at small openings and other entry points. The advantage of the using the homemade equipment is that they are very cheap and you are always assured that they are not lethal.

Other traps
The other traps are usually sold in the stores. They are usually constructed differently and most of them are quite pricey.

Long spring trap
The string traps is a foot trap and it will trap the raccoon’s paws, it is one of the effective traps sold and the best part is that they cannot be easily spotted by the raccoons especially if they are used as an outdoor trap. You can place it near the shade and it will definitely catch that stubborn raccoon.

Guarded traps
They are also meant to capture that foot of the raccoon and they equally effective. They can be placed in trenches and they easily trap the raccoons. When using this trap, you have to careful because they are very difficult to notice especially if they are in the grass.

Cage traps
It is not very easy to use the cage traps because they are very large and the raccoons can easily spot them therefore chances of avoiding them is very high. If you want them to be effective, you have to put them at the entry points where they cannot be easily spotted by the raccoons.

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