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What Property Modifications Will Keep Down Rat Populations?

When the rodent population in your home is not managed, it can lead to significant loss and damage. The damage of various types of rats cannot be differentiated easily. Damage in the home may include tearing up of the insulation, and gnawing or nesting of the electrical wiring. The rats may also get into the kitchen area and start to feed on the stored food. While living under a freezer or a refrigerator, they may gnaw at the electrical wires. In a landscaped yard, they may live in vines or shrubbery and they can feed at the ornamentals, nuts, fruits and vegetables.

To reduce the population of the rats, it is important to do a proper sanitation of your building to eliminate the access to water and food as this may reduce the level of the rodents. Put your pet food into a container that has been sealed and you should not leave it out during the night. You have to use a good garbage container and use a good exterior sanitation program. The emphasis needs to be placed on the removal of the harborage since this is more practical.

Fences, vine ground, vine-covered trees and dense shrubbery are the best place for the domain of the roof rats. Severe pruning with the removal of some ornaments may be required for you to get to a high degree of rat control that will last long. Remove all the nuts and fruits which may drop at the backyard.

In the crops, you should make cultural practice. Normally, you should remove all the extraneous vegetation which is adjacent to crops and which can be used like shelter for the rats. For example, a citrus tree that has long hanging skirts is prone to damage since it offers a protection to the rats. You should prune it so that the skirts can be raised and you should remove the nests which have already been constructed within the tree.

The vegetation-free margin on the grove may slow down the rat invasion since the rats are exposed to predators if they are crossing a place which they are not familiar with. You will never find any silver bullet method that can help you to control the overpopulation of rats within an agricultural land. The control of such rodents needs a well-designed plan and it has to be executed on a consistent basis. Before you start any project of getting rid of rats, you should learn about the type of the rats in your area and the regulations conducting how you have to control them. Other methods of controlling rats include extermination, use of repellants to reduce the invasion and or protect the equipment, the use of repellants in order to deter the invasion and biological control. Go back to the How to get rid of rats home page.

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