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Will repellents get a rat out of the attic?

Rats they are stubborn animals and the most irritating fact is that you can find them anywhere inside commercial buildings, attics, homes and even garages. People badly want to get rid of them once they enter the house, but problem is that most of us don’t know how to accomplish this task. In a number of situations people are left with no other choice and due to lack of knowledge select repellents and in the end face great troubles. The market is full of rat repellents and associated products you will also find many online tutorials providing information related with natural or homemade repellents. However, keep in mind that most of the times these so call repellents don’t work and you are left in troubled yet confuse situation. Will repellents get a rat out of the attic? This question is asked by a great majority of homeowners and the honest answer is always is No. In fact, even the smell of a repellent doesn’t bother a rate so you can never consider them to be affective in any situation. Let’s discuss some popular types of rat repellents which are present in market and how they are not affective.

Predator urine
The theory behind using this one is that predators eat rats so if you will sprinkle it in the attic, then rats will feel that predator is nearby and will run for their lives. However, rats actually don’t run away because they have been living in environments with predators for a long time so they know how to survive. In fact, this will create more trouble because rats will move into smaller holes.

High pitch noise machines
The markets are loaded with them with sellers making very high claims, but beware of their tactics as they provide zero result. You will only waste money and time with them because in majority of situations they failed in providing convincing results. You should never go behind any ultrasonic machines because most of them are not designed correctly so they can’t function in the right way.

Peppermint oil
It is another very popular repellent, which is found among masses. It never acts as a repellent in fact you can use it as bait in rat traps. You will again waste money and time with this one so avoid using it. In addition to the above mentioned repellents many other products are present in market, but sad part is that most of them are not considered as affective. Therefore, it is better that you should try something useful. Take suggestions from experts and to be honest for capturing rats there is nothing better than traps as these ensure quick, easy and permanent removal so you should try it. Go back to the How to get rid of rats home page.

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