How to keep skunks away from your property?

Skunks are considered as harmless creatures, but still for your own best interest it is never right to get closer to these animals. Research has shown that skunks are actually omnivores so they are very much comfortable to live even upon the waste of humans because of this reason most of times they are found living under deck as well as yards. The best way of diverting them away from your property is to actually make your property less attractive to them. For this you will have to do some hard work because it is always going to pay in the end. In this section, we will discuss some important points which can be considered as useful for diverting the skunks away from your property.

You should start by removing all the natural sources of food like berries and nuts. These animals are classified as scavengers; this means they will eat almost anything that comes into their way. In case there are trees present in your property which produce nuts, fruits, berries or crabapples, then you will have to be very much careful.

It has already been mentioned above that in a fashion that is similar to raccoons skunks have the potential of surviving alone on garbage. On your part it is very much important to take all steps for sealing the trash cans. In a number of situations conventional garbage cans simply don’t work you need to buy garbage cans, which can be sealed properly using locks or other resources. In all cases the aim should be to keep the animal away by cutting its food sources.

Skunks like the idea of making their homes under deck, sheltered areas as well as porches. It is you job to close off all the spaces, which appear attractive to these animals with the help of plywood, rocks as well as fencing. You should always prefer to store materials inside sheds for preventing the invasion of skunks in your property. Use your mind for searching their hiding places because this is something, which help you in the long run always.

You will have to take assistance from skunk deterrents for getting rid of them. The sooner you realize this the better it will be. Skunks don’t like light, this means if you will use lights in your yard during night time, this will not attract the animal. However, with the use of bright light you can also always attract moths as well as crickets.

You can also use some chemicals, which are known as effective for repelling skunks. Finding these kinds of products is never difficult because market is always full of these. For instance, the urine of fox and dog is always considered as very much useful.

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