What to Do When You Run Into a Nest of Baby Skunks in Your Home

Skunks are relatively communal animals in the sense that they like to co-exist with other skunks. They take up residence in people’s homes and compounds. This is a common trait in them, especially when the winter season is about to start. They look for warm places with an abundance of food to shelter them from the harsh winter season. So it is normal for a resident to come across a nest of skunks near, around or in their compounds. A person cannot be faulted for trying to kill or exterminate the skunks. They are intruders after all. But when you come across a nest carrying baby skunks, one is forced to think twice. Even the most ruthless person will hesitate to think about inhumanely killing these skunks. As much as they cause problems for the residents and are a nuisance to them, it is important to get rid of these skunks in the most humane ways possible.

How to Get Rid of Baby Skunks

If you want to avoid any measures that will involve the baby skunks losing their lives, then an effective step to take would be to set up a trap for them. In the past, a cage trap has proved to be quite effective in controlling skunks. Cage traps can be of two types, namely, the gravity-door cage trap and a spring-door cage trap. They are similar in appearance with only one slight difference, which is the mechanism of how the door works. Bait is normally set up inside the cage and this draws the skunks towards and into the cage. As they enter the cage trap, they trigger the mechanism that shuts the door, trapping them inside. When the baby skunks are trapped inside, you can approach with a blanket to shield yourself in case of any sprays and then cover the cage properly. Once this is done, you can release it somewhere far in the wild or, better yet, call the responsible authorities and they will take care of it. If this seems like a big hassle, then you can always call professionals to handle the matter for you.

Control Measures used to Prevent Skunks from Establishing Nests
The first thing is to control your environment. Make sure that there is no garbage lying around. Get rid of foodstuffs in the yard and compound. If there are garbage cans outside, make sure that they have been properly secured to make it difficult for the skunks to access them. The aim is to make the skunks realize that your home is not a viable option for them to stake out the winter because of lack of food in the area. Another thing to do is to seal up all possible entry points for the skunks. This can be done by securing the fences around the house and the cracks and holes in the house.

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