What is the natural diet of a skunk?

Skunks are omnivorous animals meaning that they feed on both animal and plant material; they have a diet that is very flexible because it usually varies depending on the season. They are commonly referred to as the opportunistic feeders. Skunks usually eat insects and their larvae forms, grubs, rodents that are small in size, frogs, salamanders, snakes, birds, moles and bird eggs. They also feed on fruits like berries, roots and leaves from certain trees, grass and fungi and different types of nuts. In the urban areas, skunks will scavenge in any garbage to get food; they will also steal pet food and birdseed when they invade your home.

Specific diet for wild skunks
We already know that skunks are omnivorous and that their diet depends on the season, in the wild, they mainly feed on small insects and other animal matter. Ideally, the bigger chunk in their diet is usually animal matter.

In spring
Wild skunks will mainly feed on small rodents, insects larvae forms and eggs from birds that mainly lay on the ground.

In summer
They will eat crickets, beetles, grasshoppers and any other insect. During summer and spring, they will take minimal plant matter because their favorite diet is in abundant supply.

During winter and fall
They will mainly feed on plant matter, they will eat berries because they are plentiful, they will also eat grass, roots and leaves, they will also eat small rodents; like rats and moles during season. Skunks are very good survivors because of the fact that they are opportunistic eaters, they will eat on anything that is edible. Did you know that they are the primary predators when it comes to honey combs? Yes, they will use their thick furs as protective devices against stings just to have access of beehives if they come across them.

How do skunks get their food?

Skunks are very good hunters, therefore they will always walk around hunting for anything that is eatable. They will always forage during the night for small mammals, insects and small rodents. They also use their sense of smell to get food. This mainly applies when they are looking for their favorite grubs. They have the ability of smelling into the ground and when they sense that there is a grub underground, they dig up holes that are funnel shaped to get to the grubs and feed on them immediately. They also use their well developed claws to kill small rodents and small mammals before they eat them. Since they are aggressive feeders, they will use any, means possible to ensure that they get something to eat.

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