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Should I feed I baby skunk I found?

You are likely to find baby skunks alone but before taking any action you have to be sure that they need your help. During April and May, you are likely to run into a lot of baby skunks. If you realize that they are all alone during this period, a good explanation for this is that they are orphaned because mothers are usually inseparable from their young ones.

If the baby appears to be very weak, sickish and thin, you have to immediately help them out. A skunk that is noted during the day is usually mistaken to be rabid but if it is a baby, chances are that it is starving and looking for something to eat. So what is the correct thing to do when you find a baby skunk?

It is quite obvious that the baby skunks will be suffering from starvation, dehydration and chilled. The first thing to do is to ensure that they are warmed up. Warming up the babies is important because they usually depend on their mother’s warmth for survival. When you are confident that they are warm enough, you can comfortably offer them with dehydration solutions that are also warm.

Make sure that you get the correct dehydration solutions; you can therefore purchase pedialyte that is available in most drug stores. Once you acquire it from the drug store, you have to heat it and then administer to the baby skunk after several hours so as to return its initial state to normalcy. You have to continue offering the baby skunk the rehydration solution until you are sure that it is safe from being dehydrated.

You can also feed the baby using esbilac powder , you have to ensure that you only mix the necessary quantity, if the baby feeds and leaves behind some of it, you have to ensure that it is well refrigerated and kept away from any germs. Esbilac is the perfect milk replacer and you can also acquire it in any pet or veterinary store.

When feeding the baby, it is advisable to always use a syringe, you also have to be careful and ensure that you control the rate at which the baby sucks from the syringe. Skunks are known to have very big appetites and the same applies to the young ones, therefore you have to ensure that they feed don’t overfeed or over feed.

The other supplements that you can add to its diet include; calcium, vitamin D and Taurine. All these supplements can be obtained from relevant stores and you also have to ensure that you are guided through each one of them so that you can feed the babies with the required quantities. Never feed baby skunks with milk from cows, baby formulas and other pet products because they are likely to cause death! Go back to the How to get rid of skunks home page.

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