How to Remove Skunks Using One Way Exclusion Funnels

Although primarily known for their use with squirrels, the one-way exclusion funnel is effectively a one-way door. The only way to escape is by going out. A door closes behind and does not let the pest back in.

Mounted on the building where the skunk is entering and exiting while using wings or a flange there is a torsion door that closes behind the skunk. Once the door closes behind the skunk reentry is impossible by that route. If exited into a trap the skunk can be removed from the property. If there is not a trap in place the exit will be outside the building. Be sure to install onto the primary entry and exit points. If there are any additional methods to enter they should be sealed securely with thick wire mesh prior to setting up the exclusion funnel.

Without having the exclusion funnel properly installed you can create problems with whatever kind of pest you are attempting to keep out. A wildlife expert should be your installer as opposed to a pest control company. A wildlife expert will automatically check to see if there are baby skunks in the den. If there are babies in the den the exclusion funnel should not be installed until the babies are old enough to follow the Mother in and out. If installed prior to this time the Mother skunk will attempt to create another entrance immediately to care for her young. If the Mother skunk is taken away in the attached trap, the babies will be left to die due to lack of food and care from their Mother.

Proper installation also ensures that the skunk will not be injured while going through the exclusion tunnel. Proper maintenance after every use is the primary key to the safety of the skunks using this system. If used more than once the exclusion funnel should be taken to a certified repair dealership for maintenance. Maintenance will ensure that the door will close at the right moment. If using an exclusion funnel that allows the skunk to exit to the outside, the funnel should be inspected for proper exit rather than risking the skunks being trapped in the device.

The one-way exclusion funnel is one of the safest methods to be used for the removal of skunks from your home. Used for the removal of many pests that enter the home it is widely advertised and widely used. It clears the area of pests in the safest way for both the skunk and for you. The funnel will eliminate the use of ordinary traps that will expose the user to being sprayed and/ or bitten.

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