Where do skunks naturally live?

Do more skunks live in urban areas or in the wild? Skunks are very adaptable animals therefore they can thrive well in many places so long as it has adequate food supply and shelter moreover, they will always look for shelter in areas that are close to water sources. Other places that make perfect habitats for skunks include:

Dens made in hollow trees
Skunks will quickly settle in abandoned dens made in hollow trees because so that they can keep away from possible predators. These habitats are also preferred by mother skunks that are about to give birth because they are safe havens for their young ones.

Brush piles
During the day, skunks will opt for these places because it will shield them from excessive light and danger. They also like these places because they are likely to find food like bugs and worms.

Abandoned animal burrows
Since they rarely make their own burrows, they will always move in burrows that appear to be abandoned.

Hollowed out logs
These are allows perfect areas that skunks prefer making their own shelter for resting and keeping away from danger whenever need arises. Ideally, more skunks live in the wild rather than in the urban areas this is because there are vast areas within the forest that they can find a suitable home. While in the wild, skunks will inhabit clearings, open lands that are close to forests and pastures. When they are on the prairies, they will tend to seek shelter in fringes of timber and thickets that are close to water sources. They are also good climbers, when they sense danger on the ground, they will climb up the trees and either make hollows in the trees or move into abandoned ones. Skunks are also intelligent animals in that they will not venture areas that are more than two miles away from their initial homes and sources of water. With their inhabitation abilities, they are capable of changing from one environment to another if there is ample supply of food.

Skunks in the urban areas
There are other instances where you are likely to run into skunks in the urban areas. Urban skunks will also opt for areas that have adequate supply of food, water and secure shelter. They will therefore build their homes under houses, garages, buildings and porches. They are very tolerant to human behavior which makes it easier for them to correlate with them when they are not sickly. Just like any animal, skunks also make territories especially if they inhabit dens, they always use leaves, hay and sometimes grass to mark its home. In their burrows, you will always find three chambers and the number of entrances vary from one to five.

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