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How to Remove Skunk Odor

Removing skunk odor from your dog:
Because of the overall frequency of dogs being sprayed it may not be a bad idea to have on hand an over the counter deodorizer. You can find a selection in specialty stores. Keep your pet outside and mix the following if you have don’t have a commercial cleaner:
  • 1 qt. of 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • ¼ cup of baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon of liquid dishwashing soap
Using rubber gloves and working outside, work into the dogs fur immediately after being sprayed. Leaving solution on the fur for too long may bleach the dog’s fur, as peroxide is a bleaching agent. Rinse thoroughly and then wash your pet with dog shampoo.

Removing skunk odor from your car:
Hitting a skunk with your car has long lasting affects. You can smell it for a number of days. Not only can this be offensive to your nose, but can also be offensive to your wallet. Unlike a pet, removing the odor from fabric satisfactorily can also be time consuming when doing it at home.

The first thing to do is to completely wash your tires and the interior of the car with a significant amount of vinegar. The vinegar method will not relieve the smell however; it will cut down on the smell and sterilize your car. Once you have used the vinegar you will move to a commercial cleaner. A pet shop should have a selection of odor remover products. Ask the clerk for a recommendation. Completely wash your car down again with the commercial cleaner, again do not use sparingly. Your final step would be using a form of deodorizing aerosol. This method in its entirety should greatly lessen the smell and leave your vehicle odor free within a few days.

Removing skunk odor from a human:
If having been sprayed by a skunk the first thing to do is to not touch anything but the necessary items. Do not allow your clothing to sit on anything, as they will spread the odor. You want to get the following: hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, dish soap and a large mixing bowl. Mix the ingredients using a qt. bottle of peroxide, ¼ cup of baking soda or vinegar, 1 teaspoon of dish soap. Get into the shower and wash thoroughly. The mixture is safe as long as you leave it on for a small amount of time. Concentrate your washing where you were sprayed. If the odor is not gone repeat.

Removing skunk odor from a home:
Removing skunk odor from you house is a series of steps. Open your windows to air out the house. You will need to circulate the air, use all the fans that you have. Change air and heating filters, shampoo carpets and wash fabrics. For hard surfaces use bleach and water to scrub the surfaces. If unable to determine the exact location of the smell. Put out small bowls of vinegar throughout the house. Use the vinegar sparingly. Go back to the How to get rid of skunks home page.

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