What should I do if I find an orphaned baby skunk wandering around?

It is very likely to find baby skunks wandering about in your yard because of several reasons; one of the common reasons is that the baby is orphaned or it has lost her mother. A baby skunk is also a wildlife animal therefore you have to be extra cautious when you approach it.

The first thing is to check on it and ensure that it is healthy, if it looks furbished, sickly or cold, you have to try to save its life. If the baby skunk is cold, you can improvise a technique that will help it feel warm. Using a carton box that is stuffed with old clothes is the easiest way and it will help a great deal. Moreover, you have to ensure that there is constant supply of warmth since the baby skunk is used to getting warmth from its mother. If you have a heater, you can place it close to the temporary shelter that you have created to ensure that the baby doesn’t get cold.

The next important thing is to ensure that you keep the temporary housing you have created in a secure place; you have to ensure that you keep it away from children and other pets. You have to know that in this stage, the baby skunks are also vulnerable and that chance of being attacked by predators is very high. You should never, leave the baby skunks that you have found out in the open because you will be risking their lives. You can therefore keep the babies either in a closet that is very secure or in the bathroom where there is minimal access by factors that are likely to risk its life.

It is obvious that the orphaned baby skunk is starving therefore it will be a good idea to try feeding her with the required food. Baby skunks are very delicate and they have very special diets. If you are not sure of the type of food to feed them, you can visit the nearest veterinary office and enquire on the best diet for the baby. Skunks are also active feeders and they do not limit their intake, it is therefore your responsibility to ensure that they are fed adequately, do not overfeed them and you also have to ensure that they are not underfed because they can starve to death.

When you are sure that the baby skunk is comfortable, you can proceed to the next stage which is ensuring that they are taken back to their respective habitat. It is illegal to keep the baby skunk as a pet especially if you have not acquired it through the legal channels moreover; skunks usually require special care for survival.

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