How to Get Rid of Skunks From Under a Shed or Porch

Skunks are omnivores and human waste forms the better portion of their diet. Generally, skunks are harmless to humans, and because of their shy nature they would rather run and hide than attack in case they sense danger. In rare cases, when skunks feel cornered and think that their lives are under threat, they will attack back by spraying their adversaries. The spray holds a particularly unpleasant odor and is very hard to get rid of. This is a defense mechanism that is very efficient even towards other fierce animals.

Skunks are also carriers of very dangerous diseases like rabies and canine distemper. Living with skunks under your shed or porch is therefore potentially hazardous to the health of humans and their pets. Discussed below are some ways of getting rid of skunks under a shed or porch.

Purchase a Cage Trap
Cage traps have continually proved to be an effective measure in getting rid of skunks. They are a humane measure that do not pose or inflict any great harm or injury to the skunk. Cage traps come in two types: the spring loaded door cage trap and the gravity door cage trap. Both are efficient in their own right; the difference is only in the mechanism that triggers the door of the cage to shut. You can set up a cage trap under the shed or porch with bait inside that will draw the skunks towards it. The bait to use can be anything from nuts, seeds, insects and leftover meals. Once the skunk gets in, it will trigger the door to shut, locking it inside. At this point, the homeowner or resident has many options on how to deal with it. They may carry it and release it in the wild, call animal control or just kill it.

Getting Rid of Food Sources for the Skunks
Skunks are omnivores; therefore, they have a much wider variety of food they can feed on. Getting rid of their food sources can be difficult to accomplish, but here are a few pointers worth noting. • Secure garbage cans properly and seal them in order to prevent the skunks from accessing them. • Avoid scattering food remains, leftover foods, and pet foods around the compound. These are known to attract skunks. • Grubs are a preferred delicacy for skunks. Nematodes, which can be acquired from pet shops, also feed on grubs and can therefore be used to clear out grubs in the area. When skunks see that there is nothing to feed on in the area, they will leave to find other favorable places.

Install Night Lights
Because skunks are nocturnal, installing night lights in the porch or shed areas may deter them from their activities. This will make them leave to find residency elsewhere. Using solar lighting will definitely save on costs while solving your skunk problem as well.

Call a Professional or Animal Control
If all the above are not viable options for you, you can always hire professionals to solve your skunk problems.

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