What are the symptoms of a sick skunk?

People always conclude that skunks that are active during the day are rabid but it is not always the case, there are certain aspects that will help you gauge whether a skunk is ill or healthy. Symptoms

Mobility problems
When the skunk is having abnormal and uncoordinated movements chances are that it is ill. If you realize that the skunk is dragging its hind legs or paws and tails, shaking its head and having tremors during locomotion, then there is a problem that has to be addressed. The causes are likely to be disorder in the nervous system, injury due to broken bones, parasites or injuries in its muscles.

Skin appearance
If the skunk has flu like condition and inflammation on the skin, then it has to be carefully examined by experts because it is very likely that the skunk is unwell. One of the possible causes of this symptom is the lime disease that is usually caused by insects that suck blood from them.

Dental problems
A skunk with dental problems will always have coloration of the gums, when the skunk finds a hard time chewing food, breath that has a strange smell, general body odor, broken teeth and cracks in the enamel.

The nature of the coat
Coloration on the coat of the skunk is a symptom that points out that there is an underlying problem in the body of the skunk. A skunk that is healthy will always have a coat that is clean, well kept and glossy. If you come across a skunk that has the opposite, the most definite conclusion is that it is sick. The possible diseases for that are usually presented by these symptoms include renal and the liver diseases and presence of worms in their bodies.

Body odor
Skunks are known because of the kind of odor that they release; if you realize that the skunk has a strange body odor this usually indicates that it has a health condition that has to be addressed immediately. The body odor may be due to either a worm infection or a tooth problem. Sometimes, it is challenging to tell if a skunk is sick or healthy that is why you can use a certain criteria to come up with the best conclusion. It is always dabbed as the 3A’s.

How does the skunk appear in terms of body language, mode of movement and the state of its coat? If everything is fine then it is fine if vice versa then the skunk is ill.

How does the skunk react when it is approached by you or any other animal? If it is very alert, cautious and immediately runs away or backs off, then it is healthy but if it immediately attacks then it is ill.

It is also important to be able to tell what the skunk is doing especially if it is during the day. Go back to the How to get rid of skunks home page.

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