Signs that Skunks May Be Living Under Your Shed

Skunks cause a lot of problems in and around the home compounds. Because of their nocturnal habits, it is usually difficult to detect these pests, seeing as there aren’t a lot of activities taking place for them during the daytime. Leaving bad odors all over is just one problem that these little omnivores cause. What is unknown to most people is that skunks are carriers of a lot of diseases that can be potentially fatal to both humans and other animals as well. It is therefore in everyone’s best interests to employ ways to get rid of skunks from their residences as soon as possible. The problem is that we may sometimes not be aware that skunks are living with us in the same space. Discussed below are some signs of skunks living under your shed or porch.

Faint Bad Odors

This is the most obvious sign. Skunks are known to spray bad odors, especially when threatened. The odor is strong, unpleasant, and difficult to get rid of. It is well-known to anyone who has ever had an encounter with a skunk. Other animals, especially pet dogs and cats that have been sprayed in the past, are familiar with the odor as well. Even if skunks are not threatened, bad odors from when they have previously sprayed normally follow them around and is in their dens. If you can smell these faint odors on your pets as well, it means that they have probably been victims of the skunk’s spray in the recent past; it could be even in the last 24 or so hours. So, faint skunk odors around the shed or porch is definitely a telltale sign that skunks may have taken residency in your living space.

Holes and Shallow Burrows in the Yard
Unlike other animals like dogs, skunks are known to dig perfectly circular and shallow holes in the ground. They do this in order to locate and feed on insects that dwell in the soil. Holes present around the house’s structure, porch and foundation may also be a telltale sign of skunks in the area. Skunks dig around foundations particularly where there are cracks or depressions, in order to gain access under the house.

If you do not know what a skunk’s footprints look like; it is similar to a cat’s footprints with one difference. The skunk’s footprint has 5 toes, and is just slightly bigger than a cat’s.

Sods that Have Been Rolled Back
Skunks will normally avoid digging if there is a much easier alternative. So, if skunks identify loose sods, they may opt to roll it instead of digging through it. The presence of rolled sods in the yard could indicate that skunks are in the area or are living with you already.

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