How to correctly get skunks out of window

Skunks are normally classified as pest species because of their odor and other qualities. They are undesirable because of many reasons, some of the common complaints, which are presented by home owners in this regard, are being mentioned below so that readers can have a better idea.

  • Skunks living under the porch or decks
  • Skunk spraying in vicinity
  • Skunks spraying dogs
  • Skunks digging holes
  • Skunks stuck inside window well

These along with many other reasons force people to take different steps for driving this unwanted animal away from the property. However, getting rid of these animals is never easy and you need to follow defined strategies as well as approaches for getting the desired results. The best thing is that skunks should be captured in live cage traps and after this you should make the decision of relocating them. This not a complicated task, but still you will have to be very much careful with all this. Killing skunks is always the option, but it is inhuman and unethical so you should better avoid it. We would like to mention one point here that there is no effective skunk repellent spray available in the market so you should only use options, which can deliver decent results in a decent fashion.

It really gets annoying when skunks are permanently seen in the window well. These may be stuck there or the case can be that skunks can select the area as permanent residence. You need to take some strong steps for dealing with this situation and in this section our main focus will be upon the similar topic. Big question is that How to get skunks out of window well? There are different ideas that you can find useful in these situations and here we will highlight some of them in detail.

The simplest solution is that you should take a long wooden board and it down in the window well. Skunk will use this board as a support and will climb out of the window well bringing comfort and satisfaction for you. You need to be careful here because after coming out skunk can always attack you so it is being suggested that after placing the wooden board inside the well you should move out of sight.

You can also use a fish net to take the animal out, but this is not a useful strategy in many cases. The animal can spray upon you also controlling skunk also gets very much difficult.

In case you don’t have the right kind of experience, which is needed for the task we suggest that you should consider availing the services, which are provided by professional animal control services.

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