Yard Intrusions by Skunks and Ways of Killing Them

Skunks are increasingly becoming a menace in residential areas. They can be very deadly, seeing as they are primary carriers of the rabies virus. They are also known for the pungent and unpleasant smells they emit from their sprays. When they get inside your home, they spray the walls, food and other property. This smell is quite strong and very hard to get rid of.

Compound and Yard Intrusion by Skunks
Most home owners and other residents keep their houses safely secured from intrusions by skunks. It is something that they have taken seriously in areas known to have a prevalence of skunks. But one thing most residents forget to secure is their yards and compounds. As a result of this, skunks find it easy to intrude and create a disturbance. In some cases, they even establish their nest or habitat in certain parts of the yard. Capturing or trapping and releasing them is a great option, but after a while people find this routine old, tiresome, and repetitive. It is understandable for someone to lose their patience and start thinking of ways to kill the skunks.

Danger Posed by Skunks
First of all, approaching a freely roaming or relaxed skunk in the yard is very dangerous. There is a high chance that it will see you coming and escape by running and hiding in the yard corners or by using its long and strong claws to dig hideout holes very fast. If it has nowhere to run when approached, it may direct its spray towards you. They are known to be very precise in targeting their spray victims. This spray is very strong and pungent and very difficult to get rid of. Some people even have allergic reactions when the spray comes in contact with their skin. In the worst case scenario, if threatened it will attack and dig its claws or teeth in the person’s skin, causing harm, injury and/or spread of the rabies virus.

Killing an Intruder Skunk in the Yard
Discussed below are some of the ways people can employ to kill a skunk intruder in the yard. The most common and somewhat humane method of killing a skunk is through a clean shot to the head or chest. Its death will be instant and painless without any prolonged suffering and misery. Of course this is something that can only be accomplished by registered gun owners and the ones who have been trained in handling such weapons. Since the skunk is in the yard, you will want to create a sufficient distance between the two of you while maintaining a clear line of sight. A professional shooter is in a better position to aim and make a clean shot from a distance upon the first shot. An amateur may miss. The loud noise will alert the skunk and it will run to hiding. A tranquilizer dart shot can also be used and a trained marksman can make the shot from a distance.

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