The Black Rat Snake

The Black rat snake, unlike other rat snake species, is moderate-sized. Forty to seventy inches is their length variation. Its features are not like the other rat snake species. One of them is the section of the tail which is usually wide that the rest of the body. Two inches is the diameter in average of that tail section. The width and length described are very important to the Black Rat snake. First, they enable it to possess a very powerful and glossy body. Then the ability of this snake to be this powerful helps it move from one point to another smoothly in either direction whilst on the ground. They also go up trees using this attribute of being powerful.

The reason why this snake is so special is that it is a very unique species of the rat snake. The whole of its body is covered in scales which are black and capsized. They actually make the snake black, thus the name. The chin is usually white slightly though.

In terms of habitat, the Black Rat snake can be located in the eastern areas of the United States of America. They can also be found in middle areas of western United States. The special attribute about the Black Rat snake is that it the most prominent species of the rat snakes. They can have habitats in forests or meadows, depending on where they are located.

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Though species of rat snakes have several characteristics which are similar, the inner species which include this Black rat snake have variations. The Black Rat snake for example, establishes its habitats in areas with rocks because if its liking of places with altitude that is high. Other black snakes for example those from areas in the north can be found habiting in farms. This brings about the common conclusion that this Black rat snake is very special because of its ability to adapt to various environments.

Black rat snakes feed on rodents which are smaller in size than them. Lizards, frogs and mice which are smaller in nature fall victim to this snake’s hunger. Adult Black rat snakes which are older feed on rodents which are bigger in size and also feed on other mammals such as moles and chipmunks. They only eat eggs that belong to birds when they are desperate for food.

They try as much as possible not to confront other creatures. They do this by becoming motionless when another creature comes by. This is usually a protection technique. It develops a position called kink which looks like a branch of a tree which has fallen. Adults are often aggressive as compared to younger ones.

The lifespan of the Black rat snake is unknown.

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