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Will a high pitch sound deterrent machine work against snakes?

You will find no shortage of people who are always willing to sell different kinds of products making high claims that they can repel snakes. The convincing power present in their words is so strong that you actually start believing them. In case you have also seen advertisements of different kinds of snake deterrent products, then beware not all of them are useful and you will be wasting only time and money with them in all cases. First thing which you need to understand here is that actually snakes are reptiles they are not classified as insects so they require different treatment.

Products which are made using naphthalene, sulfur, mothballs etc are regarded as wildlife repellents, but in actual cases it has been noticed that these don’t provide practical results for the users. Snakes don’t pay any heed to them and you are left with little other options to deal with. In addition to this, claims related with ultrasound emitting devices are also popularly made by masses. In regard to them the Federal Trade Commission has been very clear as they have been termed as frauds. Those who invest on these kinds of products actually waste money and time.

A common question that is asked by people is that, does high pitch sound deterrent machine work against snakes?

The expert’s advice in this regard is that you should never waste your money on these so called sonic snake repelling devices. Common concept associated with them is that a sound will be emitted that is inaudible to human ear, but audible for snakes. The reptiles find the pitch of emitted sound waves unbearable and prefer to leave the area instead of staying in it because they simply can’t handle the pressure. However, this all is too good to be true because in real scenarios no such thing happens. Main point to highlight here is that actually snakes don’t hear anything. Snakes don’t have conventional ears so they more depend upon vibrations that are produced in the ground. Therefore, how can a sonic repelling device work for them? You will be wasting nothing, but time with these products.

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In reality it is all about understanding that what actually is present inside your property that is attracting snakes because normally snakes visit a place either in search of food or shelter. You should better focus upon removing things from your yard that are actually attracting snakes. Longer grass is the primary reason in majority of situations also sometimes the presence of rodents like rats in your basement or attic draws a snake.

In all conditions you should never consider wasting money upon sonic devices because they will bring no benefits in the long run for you. Go back to the How to get rid of snakes home page.

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