What do snake feces look like?

Like all other living things, snakes also excrete. The waste products from different organisms usually differ in terms of size, appearance and content. Big animals such as cows, rhinos and elephants have massive waste products. This is because the amount of food the animal consumes is large. The amount used up in the body is large too, but the excretion material is usually more.

Snakes do not produce faeces all the time. Sometimes they do not produce it at all. Snakes have infrequent feeding sessions. They do not have schedule for feeding like most animals. They only feed when it is necessary and this is why they produce faeces the least. People normally think about the negative attributes of the snake since it has been linked to very many atrocities and never think of what its excreted product looks like.

As evidence from people who do the job of raring snakes, they can be fed once in a day and may poop after two or three days. This means that it takes a lot of time for the food it has eaten to be used up in the body and the waste to be eliminated from the body.

This article aims to explain what snake faeces look like.

First, snake faeces are made up of two components, the actual fragment of the poop which is usually brown in colour and the acidic uric portion which is usually white and in the form of a solid.

Like any other waste product from an animal, snake faeces are usually brown. They also smell. The faecal matter is made up of the type of food the snake eats. These are usually rodents.

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Like birds, snake excretory matter usually contains uric acid. This is waste liquid in solid form and in usually white in colour. People often mistake bird poop for snake poor because of the white matter in bird poop. Well yes, bird poop also has the white matter but it is more concentrated than that of snakes. This is because the amount of urea in a bird faecal matter is usually more.

Snake faecal matter can contain bones, hair, scales and other solid matter contained in the prey that was ingested. This is because the snake usually swallows its prey whole. It does not chew its prey. It does not have strong front teeth to chew its prey into small portions for easy swallowing. This is why swallowing an entire rodent usually takes time. The rodent has soft bone tissue thereby easily ingested once swallowed.

When snake faecal matter is usually produced, it is dark brown. But as it dries it becomes brighter or lighter.

It is important not to confuse between the faecal matter of snakes and that of other organisms like birds and lizards.

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