The problem of Burmese Pythons in South Florida

Burmese pythons are famous for their size. They are the largest snakes species present on earth. The largest Burmese python that has been recorded is 20 feet long. Although very few people were aware of the fact that these snakes can grow it to such a big creature. Burmese pythonssnakes are from Southeast Asia, but due to their non-venomous element many people have adopted them as pets. These snakes were just not adopted by general public, but also by many celebrities and singers. One reason behind people opting pythons as their pet is that they are influenced by some of these celebrities.Towards the end of 20th century, these snakes were pronounced as breeding specie. Many people in Florida imported these snakes and now they have become a headache for their government. The number of pythons has increased in the last few years in Florida. Despite the fact that in 2002 more than 2000 Burmese pythons were removed, even then from 2008 to 2010, the number of sightings became over 3000.

Since these snakes are not poisonous, so they don’t bite. In order to kill their prey, they crush and strangle them. Once their victim is dead or can’t move, the snake eats it up. They usually eat crocodilian, mammals and birds species. Due to increase in python it is reported that the number of mammalian species have decreased. This is pretty scary. Although, we haven’t come across any incident in which the humans are attacked by these snakes. There is only one famous incident that reports that the python killed a two year old girl. The snake was reported to be starving and it broke through its cage and killed the girl. Since it is difficult to hunt or locate these snakes, thus we are unaware of the exact number of snakes that currently exist in Florida. But researchers believe that there are approximately 30,000 or more snakes and the number is going to increase.

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Due to the constantly increasing number, the United States of America banned the import of pythons back in 2012. However, due to the lack of proper control methods, these snakes are turning out to be uncountable. If this problem is not solved, chances are that these snakes will spread to other cities. They might not be attaching humans for now, but what will happen when the mammals or other animals they feast on start to become existent. What do you think their next target will be? Of course humans, if a snake can kill a two year old how can you guarantee that they will not eat you up when they are hungry. In order to ensure the safety of people living in Florida or other nearby states, it is important that the government take some action.

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