How to keep snakes out of the garden

While some people consider snakes to be fascinating creatures and love to keep harmless ones as pets, others are scared of snakes and because of the assumption that most of them are poisonous, most people would want to keep snakes out of their gardens.

The following are methods you can use to help you keep these snakes out of your yard or garden:

  • Learning more about the snakes that occupy your garden. It is important for a person to know the types of snakes, whether they are poisonous or not and the best methods to apply when you encounter one. This will help the person know what action to take once the encounter ensues.
  • Eliminate clutter form your garden. Clutters are the leaf piles and firewood stacks that are always a common component of people’s gardens. Under these clutters are dark spots with snake sustaining temperatures. They are the spots where snakes love to hide and create a habitat. Getting rid of these clutters in your garden will eliminate any chances of the snake to have a place to hide therefore drive it out of your garden.
  • Abstain from growing plants which are tall. These tall plants provide the best hiding places for snakes. If you have tall grass growing on your garden, use a good lawn mower to cut off the grass to an appropriate level that may leave the snake exposed.
  • Avoid having water sources that are at the ground level. Some snakes are attracted to water and you might catch some taking a swim. So if you hate snakes and would like to get rid of them, get rid of small puddles on your garden so that snakes cannot be drawn to your garden.
  • Make sure your garden is pest free. Pests like grasshoppers and other small insects attract small snakes since these are the organisms that snakes feed on. The constant use of repellent to keep pests away from your garden is advisable so that the snakes stay away too. You might also want to have a cat or dogs that chase these pests away which eventually also keep the snakes away.
  • Install fences that are snake proof around your garden. The type of fencing that you install around your garden depends on the type and size of snake you would want to keep out. There are small fences for small snakes and bigger and stronger fences for larger snakes.

There are other methods of keeping snakes out of your garden. Some of them are scientific while some have not been really proven to work. The above steps are the basic do-able methods you can use to keep snakes out of your garden.

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